Tokyo Rumania Go Koza

入門クラス (Beginner Level )


初級クラス (Beginner Level 2)


中級クラス (Intermediate level)



 第2・第4日曜日 11:00~12:30
初級クラス 第2・第4金曜日 19:20~20:50
中級クラス 第2・第4日曜日 13:00~14:30

事務時間:月~土10:00~19:00  担当:土田、飯森
TEL:              03-3461-0261         03-3461-0261 FAX:03-3461-0262(欧日協会ドイツ語ゼミナール気付)


150-0031 東京都渋谷区桜丘町4-23 渋谷桜丘ビル9階


 Why teaching culture?

   The fundamental function of language is to communicate. The success of effective communication in foreign languages strongly depends of the level of cultural understanding and ability to “read between the lines “in a different cultural context. Cultural mistakes are worse than linguistic ones because they tend to cause misjudgments, or ill feelings between native and foreign speakers.   Therefore, there is a need of providing the students with the knowledge of cultural background in order to communicate effectively in any context of real life when meeting Romanian speakers.

 What  is  being taught in this class?

       In this monthly  class  presents   historical facts, traditions, customs, beliefs and norms regarding Romanian society,  in order to facilitate the proper language aquisition and correct  use accordin to the situation in real life. A great amount of knowledge and new vocabulary is also provided in order to help learning the Romanian language at a high level of proficiency.  


               Do you want to study some particular topic regarding Romanian language or culture  which is not presented in the class?

                Do you feel more confortable studying  in your own rythm  and your convenient free time ?

                Do you have personal correspondence or personal documents to edit / correct/ discuss ?

 Feel free to ask for a private class at your conveninent time!

 ルーマニア語検定試験準備クラスClass for preparation for the Romanian language Proficiency Exam

             This class addresses the learners who are interested in using Romanian language knowledge in working fields (like : translations/ interpretations/ teaching/ training/ working in Romania/ trade with romanian companies / collaboration in economic fields with romanian language speaking experts/ start a business in Romania, etc../ )  or studies in higher Romanian institutions.

              For getting a recognized certificate of their proficiency in Romanian language, the Proficiency Exam must be passed.

            Within this class, simulated (audio and written)  tests for differents levels will be performed, doubled by explanations about the correct answers and advice about improving the learning strategies.

The frequency of the classes and timings vary upon the students' avalability, so feel free to ask if interested!